Online Library Cadet Booklet - Goals & Objectives

Goals and Objectives

  1. To provide training as an ongoing process to maintain quality service in the public library system.
  2. To increase the quota of professional librarians by providing opportunities for them to receive in-service awards to pursue a master's degree in library science.
  3. To increase and strengthen staff at central administration level.
  4. To have new library legislation passed to ensure that library personnel matters regarding pensions and other benefits are satisfied.
  5. To employ qualified librarians and other library workers to fill key areas of service in the public library system.
  6. To expand story hour and annual summer reading programmes to at least seventeen (17) public libraries in the country.
  7. To standardize services in public libraries in the Commonwealth of The Bahamas.
  8. To further the development of the Central Technical Services at the Wulff Road Public Library.
  9. To provide extended opening hours for all public libraries.
  10. To have public libraries services automated to provide faster and more efficient service.
  11. To expand and maintain Web site.
  12. To compile a union catalog for the public library system.
  13. To create a national bibliography.