Online Library Cadet Booklet - Evaluation & Conclusion


The duration of the pilot Library Cadet Programme in conjunction with UNESCO is one (1) year, targeting 10th to 12th graders of Secondary High Schools in The Bahamas. During the programme and at the end of the first year, Heads of Departments will assess and determine participant's interests, propensity for librarianship. Section Heads will receive the assistance of library supervisors who will be required to closely observe, monitor and evaluate the students' performance and progress. The ideal length of a sustainable programme is three years.

The following methods of evaluation would be included:

  • Short quizzes (oral and written)
  • Essays involving research
  • Hands on library work experience


It is anticipated that this inaugural Library Cadet Programme would pave the way for young men and women to begin a rewarding career in library and information science and encourage others to enter into a field that is vast with much potential for self growth and development.