No contestant for Miss World Pageant

The Bahamas will have no representation at the upcoming Miss World Pageant in South Africa.

Due to no fault of her own, Miss Teen Bahamas, Kiara Sherman, will not be representing the Bahamas at the Miss World Beauty Pageant in South Africa.

It was announced earlier this month that Kiara was set to leave for the pageant on Oct. 23, but all that has changed. It was decided that due to the lack of time and preparation, and also because she was not the official Bahamas National Pageant winner, she will not attend the pageant.

"We think that it will be best if we have a fresh start," said Byron Coley-Austin, head of the committee in Nassau, "that way we will be better prepared next year when the time comes."

A nationwide recruitment process is now going on to invite "the ideal contestant" to compete in the prestigious pageants of Miss World Bahamas and Miss Tourism World 2002. The winner of the Bahamas National Pageant, which is scheduled to be held February 2, 2002 at the Atlantis Resort, is definitely expected to be sent to the Miss World Pageant next year.


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